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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Holy Shit
From a NYT Editorial:
Florida recently reached a new low when it actually bullied the League of Women Voters into stopping its voter registration efforts in the state. The Legislature did this by adopting a law that seems intended to scare away anyone who wants to run a voter registration drive. Since registration drives are particularly important for bringing poor people, minority groups and less educated voters into the process, the law appears to be designed to keep such people from voting.

It imposes fines of $250 for every voter registration form that a group files more than 10 days after it is collected, and $5,000 for every form that is not submitted — even if it is because of events beyond anyone's control, like a hurricane. The Florida League of Women Voters, which is suing to block the new rules, has decided it cannot afford to keep registering new voters in the state as it has done for 67 years. If a volunteer lost just 16 forms in a flood, or handed in a stack of forms a day late, the group's entire annual budget could be put at risk.
The first thing I thought when I heard the Republican-controlled Senate voted to ban the Spanish language (sorry) was that it had to do with voting. If you can't read the voter form, you can't register to vote, or you can be misled into voting for whoever translates it for you. They will try anything, won't they.

Let's all give to the League right now to offset their legal fees. Talk about having to buy an election...

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