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Monday, June 05, 2006
What? Can't Hear You
Since the cottonwoods started moulting last week I haven't been able to hear a thing out of my left ear and only a cottony distant ringing out if the right one. Usually start the day using a box of kleenex clearing out the nose, then start pounding my head sideways to clear the ears. This is new over the past few years -- probably because I no longer work in air conditioned surroundings this time of year, as I had for so long.

Or else it's another manifestation of global warming.

So even if you did tell me that you went to the Evanston + Vicinity Biennial opening on Sunday, I wouldn't be able to hear your critique, even if you shouted.

I'll be back with some pix, I promise. I went, but forgot the camera in my zeal to just get there.

Initial thoughts -- better than the last one, not as good as the one (4 years ago? 6 years ago?) that featured the wonderful Kerry Skarbakka and Cat Chow pieces, and the giant Eric Wert painting of (I think) a begonia.

What there was of it was fine, especially if you're into large scale photography (for me, not so much, tho these are pretty good -- especially the self portrait pic of Harold Mendez grinning, wearing his teeth-bling, and the bling itself in a little case).

I think my main critique is that it felt too much like an invitational exhibit, rather than an open juried competition, one that I know gets 700 or 800 entries each cycle. Even if you misogynistically ignore half of them as the daubings of untalented, uninspired North Shore socialite watercolorist lady cat painters, I thought there was a certain "usual suspects" quality to the show.

I'm not saying this is bad, per se, but you don't have to wait 2 years breathlessly to see Paul Nudd's insectoid drawings, delightful though they are (and I prefer to see them just pinned to the wall by the dozens as he usually displays them, creatures crawling out of the crevices, rather than politely contained in frames).

However, if the jurors were attempting to present where Chicago appears to be in art at this moment, it's probably dead on, if a bit thinly sampled. No, more than a bit.

But I love the Santa Sheep. Yes, I do.

Pix coming up in a bit.

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