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Monday, June 19, 2006
Let Them Freeking Sink into the Gulf
Louisiana gov. signs law that would ban abortions
Blanco cited "overwhelming" support for the bill in the state Legislature.

"The central provision of the bill supports and reflects my personal beliefs," she said in a statement, adding she had hoped for legislation with exceptions for rape and incest.
I want my Katrina contribution back.

Yes, that's mean, I'm sorry.

Am sick to death of "Democrats" who act like Republicans. Am sick of Republicans who act like Republicans too, but at least you expect it.

Dump Blanco and all her kind.

Good morning, friends. Have looked up into the sky and haven't seen the missiles from N. Korea yet, but it's probably any minute now. Hope you kissed and hugged your family extra hard when you left for work today.

In a dark mood, even though it's a lovely day out, to most folks. Cheerful summer weather often has the opposite effect on me, and I just want to say, bah humbug.

WI-FI is back again. It must have something to do with all the construction in the area.

While ducking out in the library for WI-FI and airconditioning this weekend, did a little research on my house, which will be 100 years old next year. Am interested in all the previous owners and renters, and the neighbors, too. Learned that one neighbor, Carl Scheffler, was a well-known artist, and did a WPA mural at a nearby school. Most were "engr," "clk," or "labr," however. The house was modest in size then, modest now.

Still, is interesting. Have never felt a ghost here, or any "atmosphere" at all, tho have always hoped for it.

So, any ghosts out there listening, come on by. I'll leave the light off.

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