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Monday, July 17, 2006
Sitting Very Still
... in the upstairs office. If I move even the eye muscles or lids to blink, sweat runs down my face.

But the WIFI is back again, so dashing this off as sweat drips into the keyboard before heading out to either a movie, shopping, or the library, or all of them. Heat supposed to break tonight, and then the next week should be back to normal.

But, oh.

Lasted for a few hours at the sidewalk sale on Roscoe for sacred art, but, despite the abundant free mimosas, was not in a good mood. Have no idea what I drew, since I gave 2 drawings away and taped 2 to the window, where they probably still are. Memo to self: if you haven't done much drawing on site lately, don't start the day off with colored pencils and architectural detail.

Still haven't found the file folder I've been dreaming about, just more horrifyingly embarrassing stuff.

Must blink, so farewell for now from behind the veil of sweat.

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