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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Available Poetry
This phrase was coined by my collaborator on this piece, Peggy Shearn, to describe stuff I was putting together simply because I had enough letters to set the text in type on the letter press. So here's a thing we drifted into this afternoon (click on it to read the text). I will tell you the story in a moment:


For various reasons, only partly because as a commercial artist she has clients in China, Peggy ordered some Chinese character type on Ebay, which we were so excited to see printed that we didn't want to wait to take the poem (the one I've been spending dozens of hours typesetting) off the press first (or wait for me to run a boring old edition).

So she arranged the type under the poem, we locked it down, and were thrilled by the nonsensical but quite attractive result. Apologies to Chinese friends, we mean no disrespect if we've inadvertently created a monstrosity. I just hope if it is, it's hilarious and you'll let us know what it says.

So we printed only 6, then took the type off so I can stick the title on and do a boring old plain edition. The title is supposed to be "Below 90," which the weather has pleasantly been these past few days.

So will post this now before Blogger goes offline. They're supposed to be taking it down at some point, but maybe it's tomorrow.

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