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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Late Summer Art Notes
Just a few: a rant and a shameless plug:

First, the shameless plug:

I (in my Cynthia King persona) will have 3 pieces in the print show at Morpho Gallery opening (along with every other show in Chicago) on September 8th, usual reception hours (tho in my experience they usually party on very late).

Morpho Gallery
5216 N. Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625

Also in the show: Judith Hladik (I used to print with her -- good stuff), Stephanie Ramsey, Anthony Lazarko, Kim Fink, Charles Beneke, and Missy Polly. I will try to provide links for them later (tho of course you can do the googling yourself).

I realize I just reviewed the Elke Claus exhibit at the gallery, so some would find it suspicious that I'm suddenly accepted into a show there, but I assure you, there was no payola involved. I am a Democrat, after all.

Now the rant: I wanted to do a little preview of what's coming up at other galleries in Chicago, but practically none of their websites have updated schedules. This is very frustrating. I realize we're at the tail end of the summer, and everyone is still up at their luxury cottages on the Michigan shore (or that hideway on Nantucket), but jeez.

Finally, there is still a bit of back-and-forthing about who's paying for our appearance at Farmers' Market, but hope to have an update soon.

Oh, nearly forgot: internet buddy EC Brown, who does wonderful apartment shows, has work here and there (check out Lisa Boyle) writes that he and Renee Gory are having a "retrospective" exhibit:
On Sept. 9 (a week from next Saturday), Butcher Shop Dogmatic will present "The Longest Piss", a retrospective exhibit for EC Brown and Renee Gory. Aside from new paintings, both of us will be hanging works tracing back numerous years (2000 for Brown, 1994 for Gory), much of which has only been seen in small one-time exhibits in Chicago over the years.

Exhibition website: http://www.kittyspit.net/longestpiss/

Opening: Saturday, Sept. 9, 6-10 pm
Refreshments served!
1319 W. Lake St
This should be lots of fun. And he's a pretty good cat painter and photographer, too. (I must wait until catblogging Friday to post a snap he's sent along, so check back).

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