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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Real Frags
... don't grow back.

Army Adds Real Soldiers to Video Game

2,675 of them would agree

-- if they were still alive, that is.

I think they're still called frags, the spare lives and body parts you get in games. Games, I said.

Listen to me, you young people:

Dead is dead, regardless of whether they buy your life for $40,000 or you give it to them for free.

Your life is not a video game. Don't hang around in the basement getting your brain washed with propaganda.
"We're trying to put a face on soldiers so that kids can relate to them," said Col. Casey Wardynski, director of the America's Army project. "It's hard to relate to a big green machine. This is a chance to get to know some of them who have done really outstanding things [ed. no comment]."

The "America's Army Real Heroes" program will also include a series of $10 action figures, based on the same real soldiers, in store shelves by Christmas, Wardynski said.
At least play games where the line between reality and fantasy is known and agreed on and the government isn't zombieizing you. And come up for air more often. (Memo to self: Take own advice.)

And let's not forget that OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES DON'T GROW BACK EITHER. Not even if they're the "good guys".

Dead is dead.
War is killing.
Black is actually black.
White is really white.
You can't be a little dead.

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