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Friday, September 08, 2006
Kitty Blogging Friday

Maybe Erik's kitty can lick this mouse:

(EC Brown, the photographer of the great cat pic above, has a show opening at Butcher Shop/Dogmatic this Saturday):

Sign the petition here.

Ordinarily I wouldn't like to pan a movie (or book or show) before even seeing it, but it sounds like there's so much wrong here, and done for so many bad motives, that ABC and Disney (note: supposed wild-eyed liberal Apple Computer president and lover of the arts Steve Jobs is on the board, so you can let him know too) should feel our wrath.

In any case, if all accounts are true, the only screening tapes sent out to reviewers were to right-wingers. Not even President Clinton got a copy, tho the point of the thing is apparently to disgrace his memory.(That is, the memory of the only president who found and captured and tried legally and sentenced the bomber of the World Trade Towers the first time. The one in jail, not at Gitmo.)

Too bad Janet Jackson doesn't rip off her top in the flick. Then the 15 people who complained would force a constitutional amendment, FCC action, and Senate hearings about it, culminating in the network from barring all mention of anything Republican or Bushian forever. Bush Beans would never be allowed to advertise.

For this and other lame attempts at humor, you can find me at Morpho Gallery this evening, 6-11, appearing one night only.

And apologies to friends in shows that open this evening. I am there in spirit. In particular, check out Julia Katz at Gwenda Jay / Addington.

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