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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Winter Is Icumen In
... and the wind blows from the northeast directly onto my hands as I type this, since I haven't yet repaired the broken window in my studio, just covered it up with a holey sheet of plastic.

Have got as far as bringing the paints in from the car -- only managed one painting this summer, tho it was a good summer for painting outdoors. Low mosquito presence, only a week or so of excruciatingly hot weather. But the heart wasn't in it, I guess.

At the rate they're going, is doubtful the condo at the back will rise much this year, so may have a few more months to enjoy the light coming thru this big, drafty window (won't see much of the sky once the condo goes up).

Now that they're indoors, am still avoiding the paints, even though it's past time for the birthday painting. Is time to really knuckle down and work on the Dan Seals for Congress campaign (or on any of the other Democratic races), time to do a lot of printmaking for the fall sales (we'll be at Farmers' Market in Evanston on Oct. 7th, the start of Arts Week).

Better post this. Blogger is supposed to be down for maintenance soon.

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