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Thursday, September 28, 2006
I Didn't Like to be Tortured, But It's OK for Everyone Else
Despicable cowards, thought to be saintly renegades:

TPMmuckraker September 28, 2006 12:21 PM
Former torture victim Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), portrayed as a "maverick" by earlier bucking the White House on the issue of detainee treatment, voted against the amendment. The White House also opposes the changes the amendment would make to the bill. Sens. John Warner (R-VA) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who had also challenged the White House over the bill, joined McCain in voting against the amendment.
How can anyone believe that we should give up the protections in our constitution -- and indeed, inherent in law for hundreds of years -- or that they should not apply to all?

Catch them, tell them what you think they did wrong, let them answer, try them in court, let them mount a defense, punish or release them. This is what every child knows is supposed to happen, and would get a failing grade on a paper if they said differently.

People, this fake "war on terror" is never going away. If we are forced to give up our constitution, they have won. Why is it so hard to understand this?

For some reason people think that taking a "hard line" or torture or whatever is the macho, correct way to get to the bottom of things. We've been encouraged to think this on every popular TV show I can think of, from "24" to "Lost" to "Commander in Chief", with dozens of stops along the way.

All the generals will tell you that it doesn't work.

Tying these two issues together in one bill was despicable to begin with. Now as a nation we are truly lost.

But laws and policies can be changed and repealed, if we have the will as a nation to make it happen. We as citizens need to step up and tell them what is right on November 7th.

I realize so many of us are so depressed and sick and tired of it all, and we just want to care about what's happening in the world of Justin and Brad Pitt again, or worry about the Bears's chances this year.

But this must stop. It must.

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