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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Art Exhaustion, October Edition
They ignore us the rest of the year, but they throw a couple of hundred bucks into promoting October as Illinois Art Month (and Chicago Art Month and Evanston Art Week).

I fall down in a heap of exhaustion just contemplating what I'll be up to this weekend, starting with Evanston Farmers' Market from 7 to 1 pm on Saturday morning. Then Chicago Printmakers Collaborative "Beyond Boundaries" opening until 5 pm or so (the boxed sets of postcards of the show aren't ready yet, alas). Then I think there's something in the evening. Then CPC again on Sunday where I may end up giving a demo, probably on Xerox transfers.

Forgot about Friday. If you have a chance, catch Katherine Hilden at the Wilmette Public Library. Show is reportedly up now, need to run over there.

On the 10th is the reception for Matthew Girson at the Block Gallery at Northwestern. I did an Ox-Bow session with him about 5 years ago and am glad he's moving right along.

Friends with shows downtown, I'm afraid I'm going to have to miss you again. One of these days I promise I'll break free of my north side cage and come see you.

But if you have a chance, you can always drop by Morpho Gallery on Friday night for what looks like a terrific show, including work by fellow blogger Erik Wenzel of Art or Idiocy fame. They'll be there till 11:00, most likely.

And have a bracing bowl of something, maybe Tom Ka Kai, at Yes Thai. (No payola involved here, tho would gladly accept).

Am on the modem again, so visuals and linkage pretty sparse, I'm afraid.

If you are an artist and have something going this weekend, let me know in comments or otherwise.

If you can't stand art, go for the politics. Much, much political stuff happening as well. Sorry, Daniel, for not being a better leader this year.


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