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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Trying to Remember
Am trying to figure out whether people are still as clueless as I was during the first dozen or so years I was eligible to vote for a member of congress or a senator and didn't.

I remember always voting for president (have never voted for a republican one), but memory of congressional campaigns every two years is simply not there, not until I moved to the IL-9, where it was easy to vote for Yates or Schakowsky.

In Illinois (well, in Chicago, at least) we used to be able to vote the party with one poke of the stylus into the ballot card, which certainly helped with not having to go through pages and pages of offices you never even heard of, and judges whose names all sound alike.

It probably helped that I didn't have a TV in college or grad school, and one that barely worked after that (I'm still using that one -- only one of the rabbit ears still exists, supplemented with wire and coat hangers).

But the remote works, and that's all that matters now when the ads come on.

Guess I'm still trying to figure out the shocking news that single women apparently don't vote.

Well, I used to be one of them, I guess. I didn't vote much back then either. And I still got fat.

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