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Friday, October 27, 2006
Finally Guilted Into It
Will be practicing what I preach this weekend, canvassing for Tammy Duckworth with the old Kerry Travellers. Back in the day we were the group that helped hold the line in Wisconsin. Wish we had been able to do Ohio too, but what with the vote fraud and corruption at the top, don't know how much good it would have done.

This is the only way we can do it, folks. Neighbor to neighbor. I hope Tammy is saving her money for next week, when it's going to really get vicious. She's being attacked and attacked remorselessly in Republican Party ads for I have no idea what, while Roskam is now doing bright and sunny positive spin ads. He is beyond conservative, folks, and the party he represents is so out of touch with reality they still think that accusing someone of being a liberal is the way to go (the anti Bean campaign, which is ludicrous and seems to be recycling ads from 2 years ago).

If you don't have the money you have to do it with volunteers. Check out how much the Republicans are getting and spending each and every day at fec.gov. For example, Roskam received $57,500 from about 35 contributers on 10/26. One day, folks.


Also, vote early. Check out the weekend hours, generally 9 to noon, if you can't slip away during the week. Bring ID.

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