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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Oh My Gosh, The Wind!!!
Canvassing today for Tammy Duckworth as the wind flailed and whipped around. It blew a hair clip right off my head, but I continued walking the district -- a little chunk of Mt. Prospect. The trolls at the GOP have throughly turned everyone in the district off of just about every candidate that has any ounce of humanity -- one person got 14 robo calls, some of which pretend to be from the Duckworth campaign but are actually from every GOP financed PAC (oh -- sorry, supposed to be the other way around), with the sole intention of pissing people off.

One woman showed me the "Welcome to America" "kit" Roskam has sent everyone with filthy, slanderous, completely false information about Tammy's views on immigration reform (the issue the GOP is trying to make the campaign about, since, having been there and having lost her legs there, Tammy actually knows a thing or two about the Republican Party's failed policies in Iraq.)

They have no shame. None.

Which is why the door to door canvass works. I always leave a little note saying I'm sorry I've missed them on the literature, and am happy to talk and talk as long as they want if they do answer the door.

But BRUTAL wind blowing stuff around off the clipboard, and it seems like the later in the day, the more steps they have up to the front door.

ANYWAY, tomorrow, Sen. Dick Durbin will be out there to rally the volunteers. This is a man I truly love and have heard speak formally and informally several times. The info:
The International Association of Machinists Union Hall
50 W. Oakton St.
Des Plaines, IL (northwest corner of Oakton and Mt. Prospect)

Sunday, Oct 29, 1:00 pm
So, folks, please go and meet Durbin and help out a little.

The Bears will win, whether you watch them do it or not. (I jinx them, so have stopped watching, since whenever I turn on the game they fumble).

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