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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
He's Not Gonna Leave Laura For You
... no matter how many love notes you write or little boxes of M&Ms you pack:
Harriet used to keep a humidor full of M&Ms in her West Wing office. It wasn't a huge secret. She'd stash some boxes of the coveted red, white, and blue M&Ms in specially made boxes bearing George W. Bush's reprinted signature. Her door was always open and the M&Ms were always available. I dared ask one time why they were there. Her answer: 'I like M&Ms and I like sharing.' "

This anecdote almost invites the retort: Well why don't we go all the way and put Barney the purple dinosaur on the court?
I like the other anecdote printed here too:
One Republican lawyer told me of a briefing session to prepare Miers to enter into her duties as White House Counsel a year ago. A panel of lawyers who had served in past Republican White Houses was gathered together. After a couple of hours of questions and answers, Miers left to return to the office. There was a silence. Then somebody hopefully piped up: "Maybe if we can find her a really strong deputy ..."
Yet why do I keep having this feeling that we're being played? The woman is indeed conservative, or at least takes her orders as a gift of love from the conservative front. The enemy of my enemy is my friend? The friend of my enemy is my enemy? My head hurts.

Good afternoon, friends. Yes, I'm still here, tho haven't been checking in with you as much. Is pleasantly cool and gray today. No rain, just cloudiness, forecast from now until the end of time. I think I counted only six times it's actually rained since May. Should go out and paint but have all sorts of excuses stuffed in my head why I shouldn't, beginning with the whiney, depressed-sounding personalities not struggling very hard to get out.

I think I mentioned that the last batch of plywood I got was very badly cut and splintery, forming a whole universe of excuses. So will now go to hardware store for more sandpaper and wood putty and see if I can fix up the edges a bit. It's either that or clean.

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