Fresh Paint
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
No Boats
Just a car today.

All summer long whenever I've gone to paint the boats and cars down at the harbor, the cars have been gray or sand or white or metallic green -- tasteful suburban colors. Today a yellow jeep glowed at the edge of the lot. I knew I wouldn't have long with it, so feverishly worked to capture its plumage. As expected, it being a flawlessly beautiful day, the lot started filling, beginning with the slot right next to the yellow car. I could have wept.

So even though it was there in front of my very eyes, I had to do much of it from memory, which left me no energy to add a boat to the scene (tho there's a hint of dark blue sail cover along the sidewalk).

Working fast, is easy to muddy the colors. May have to punch up the yellow a little when it dries. Maybe not. It is what it is.

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