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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Let's Not Forget Hurricane Iraq
Iraq vote follows council scare
Chicago's City Council on Wednesday called for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but aldermen displayed the same kind of division on the issue that is common across the nation.

At a more than 5-hour meeting during which Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd) threw a scare into his colleagues after collapsing to the council floor, aldermen voted 29-9 to support the resolution.

The vote, which came after several aldermen had departed from the chamber, made Chicago the second major city after San Francisco to formally call for a pullout. Some smaller municipalities have passed similar measures, including Evanston, where the City Council voted 8-1 Monday in favor of a pullout.

Chicago aldermen who supported the resolution on Wednesday said that President Bush and members of Congress are the ones who should be moving to pull out American forces. But they asserted that local officials must do what they can if there is no action in Washington.
Natarus said he supported the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, but not the continuing attempt to form a democratic government in the image of the U.S.

After concluding a speech that lasted about five minutes, Natarus told a colleague that he wasn't feeling well and headed for an exit. He collapsed to the floor of the council chamber.
This was the big story around here yesterday. Natarus is known for his passionate speeches, but as far as I know has never collapsed like that. Good thing he did, else we probably wouldn't have heard anything about this.

Should have reported on the (expected) Evanston vote. The repubs don't call us the Peoples Republic of Evanston for nuthin.

Good morning, friends. Another busy busy busy day planned, so will get at it now.

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