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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Bonus Tree
I know, it it looks kind of funky. Didn't fit on the scanner very well, and the camera as always is in the car.

Bought a new box of watercolor crayons -- cheap ones on sale. Now we know the difference between premium and regular.

Some of the colors seemed waxy and so formed a resist layer. Maybe they just coated them in wax before getting packaged. Will have to figure this out, or else not do this any more. (This being using silkscreen techniques to do monoprints.)

This is the same tree I drew poorly in my notebook a few weeks ago. It got chopped off at the sides too. We'll get it right one of these days.

A reminder: everything I show you here is for sale. Everything. Have been waiting for the proverbial rainy day to organize this stuff and put it online for your purchasing pleasure, but it's only rained two or three times this summer. Soon, soon.

For a better bunch of landscapes, check out the Allegorical Landscape show at the Evanston Art Center. Most interesting are the definitely bent photos and odd sculptures by Tyler Cufley. Had to look twice at a few of these, since the peculiar stuff can be subtle.

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