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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
I haven't written here for a few days because I can't adequately express my anger at the Bush administration's complete and utter incompetence. I keep hoping it will all be over, and Bill and Hillary and Socks will be back in charge, and tent cities will be popping up all over, and the National Guard will be courteously evacuating citizens in an orderly manner, and water and ice and food will be dropping from the sky.

They've turned New Orleans into Iraq. And we all know how well that little adventure is going.

If Halliburton gets the contract to rebuild, I swear I don't know what I'll do.

(UPDATE from comments: It's already happening....)

Yes, let's all give money to the Red Cross. But let's also give money to whoever will get this administration out of power. Everything they touch turns to shit.

Too bad the hurricane didn't happen before the November election. Bet food, water, and ice would be dropping from the sky on day one. And the Cowboy in Chief would have had a great new opportunity to display "compassion."

If Jeb were the governor, or if Louisiana had a republican governor and large campaign contributor, would things have been different?

Have been working on a few really interesting art projects, which we'll talk about later, but had to get this written first.

I'm absolutely certain that 90 percent of the troops serving uselessly in Iraq would do anything to get back home so they could help out here.

Just heard on NBC that 20 odd nations have pledged aid, but George has accepted nothing. God, what a fool. And what fools we are to put up with this shit.

End of rant.

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