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Thursday, August 25, 2005
More Waterlilies
See below for explanation.

Did both West Loop Gate and River North with visitors yesterday (the galleries that were open, that is), so will be back in a bit with news. Needless to say, the gallery people were very chatty. Had the feeling we were the first visitors they'd seen in weeks.

Dan at Iconoduel had asked what's up with the Giola Gallery opening up next to Gescheidle.

Susan (at Gescheidle) said they're definitely trying to make a Sept. 9th opening date and working hard at it. She said the work seems to be "standard" abstract type paintings, very much unlike anything else in the building. She's very very happy to have the place rented, however, since it was very very lonely up there.

I looked thru the door and could only see large, fairly uninteresting ab-ex type stuff leaning against the walls. Tried to get a pic of them but the shot didn't come out.

More on news from Gescheidle later, including a Bill Gates connection.

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