Fresh Paint
Friday, September 09, 2005
Tree of the Week

After doing more monoprints this morning, tore off a piece of drawing paper and did this. Like it just about as much as the rest of the stuff I worked on. So it goes.

Tonight is the first big art opening night. Promises to be good, though hot hot hot, since is steamy right now and will only get worse with the dressed-in-black brigade on the march thru crush of wine-drinkers at River North, West Loop Gate, and elsewhere. And I will no doubt be one of them, unless when I lie down presently to take a brief nap I don't wake up again until much too late or I get too depressed to leave the house or there's something good on TV or I start slaughtering villagers on Age of Empires or my feet hurt, or whatever.

Else, see you there.

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