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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Not Again!
The Axis of Evil saga continues:

Protests As Bush Art Is Pulled From Exhibit
The art in question is a sheet of mock postage stamps called "Patriot Act" that shows President Bush with a gun pointed at his head. When the piece was displayed at Columbia College in Chicago last spring, Secret Service agents attended the opening to inspect it.
"This is an exhibit that UWGB sponsors, and it's done with taxpayers' money. When we do this, we get to decide what we show and what types of messages we want to send out," Shepard said. "I don't want the reputation of UWGB to represent advocacy of assassination."
But it's ok to represent advocacy of censorship. What about the taxpayers who would be pleased as punch to display this art? Don't they ever get a say?

Arghhhh... I've written about this show numerous times, but don't have the energy to dig out the links again.

Article says that the artist, Al Brandtner, gave his permission to put the image on t-shirts. Where can I get one, I wonder?

Good morning, folks, have been busy lately, but must admit that instead of going to openings or whatever last night stayed home and watched Threshold. If this show stays on Friday nights, may totally disrupt my gallery viewing schedule, or force me to gas up the VCR again.

Finally the temperature has dropped into the pleasant, hot oatmeal eating early morning late summer category, so will push away the spiders that have spun webs across every doorway and get out and paint.

Two print buddies have work in shows today -- Joe Taylor will be in the main tent at Lincoln Park today and tomorrow (no link avail), and Sadie Gerbic, who taught me the silkscreen/monoprint thing, will be at Mars Gallery tonight for the Urban Landscape show, opening 6-11, with martinis and music.

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