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Monday, September 19, 2005
A Lot of Trees
aka, a landscape painting:

This is the one I did on Saturday. Is the first I've done on canvas in more than a year (I think), and the first time I've been back to the Skokie Lagoons to paint in 2 years. Or maybe three.

One problem with painting this time of year is that the colors are a bit faded and all the same. The lagoons never get the deep reds and maroons of the northeast, since most of the trees are boring old cottonwoods and generic bushes. This was one of the reasons I often paint in Gillson Park, because there's so much variety. But it's highly domesticated variety. Out in the wild, all the trees have been stressed this year because of our drought, so the branches are more evident, things are drooping and making interesting patterns.

This is about the largest painting I've done recently -- a whopping 18 x 24 inches, yowza. Want to work larger again. Maybe tomorrow.

P.S. It's for sale, as is everything, everything.

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