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Thursday, October 06, 2005
News From Katrina Art Front
... and a Chicago connection.

Conservationists revive art damaged in hurricane
In recent weeks, hundreds of damaged pieces - including paintings by well-known artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, William Merritt Chase and Alfred Bierstadt - have arrived at The Chicago Conservation Center in climate-controlled trucks.

They were collected by intrepid staffers who secured the art in what they call "rescue and recovery missions."

Donning impermeable Tyvek suits with hoods, gloves, boots and respirators and guided by flashlights, the workers often made their way through dark, flood-scarred homes in New Orleans.

"It's like an oven," says Walter Wilson, the center's director of disaster response. "You're doing an excruciatingly difficult job when it's 100 degrees."

Heat wasn't the only obstacle. A few times, Wilson pulled out a chainsaw to cut branches from fallen trees so he could get into houses.

Once inside, the work could be slow going. It took an entire afternoon for a crew of five to pack a 21-foot-wide abstract expressionist piece that weighed about 250 pounds.
Found pictures that accompany this at the Times Picayune site, but couldn't find the article.

Good afternoon, my friends. Is blessedly quiet right now. I have construction on 2 sides of me (they've started work on the condos again, and my other neighbor is still going at the dry wall with the nail gun, measuredly, methodically, thunk.... thunk....). They are soon to start the "shoring" behind me, at which point I will probably take up residence in the print studio.

For those who were concerned, yes, the tattoo I got is temporary, and no I didn't lose my mind (it's long gone in any case). And yes, I do love the tattoo, and yes, I'll be sad when it finally goes away (is beginning to disappear around the feet already.)

And the only update I have about our open house is that we're basically to just be zoo animals -- we're encouraged to just print "normally" (and I suppose not spit or masturbate in front of the children). Screeching is allowed, I believe.

On the 21st is a curious event called something like Art and Jazz. A jazz quartet will be playing in the lobby at the Noyes building and we're supposed to go and do art in response while people watch. Sounds creepy, but I may do it anyway. More details later, perhaps.

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