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Sunday, October 02, 2005
Skin Lithography
No, I didn't put my arm thru this press:

Had to drop by the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative open house yesterday as an ambassadress from my shop up here. They now have a very active (tho a little twisted) young lithographer, Jessica Meyer, who has developed a process involving non-toxic commercial inks, medical adhesives, and decal transfer paper to get a surface sticky enough (and non-lethal enough) to work with stone lithography. Oh, and skin.

Here's the stone with the images:

Freshly printed:

And cut apart:

And applied (this is not me):

She does more complex designs in multiple colors, and has shown her work on the backs of friends as part of gallery shows.

So I had to get a tattoo too.

Is odd, since I now feel a little funky, as though I should put on black lipstick and too much mascara, and start smoking, maybe get caught shoplifting and have my mother get called and have to pick me up at the mall security office.

I also liked Jessica's t-shirt:

Hiroshi Ariyama demonstrated screenprinting == if you pulled your own screen you could keep it -- very generous of him. (Will post it later).

And Deborah Maris Lader showed us photo emulsion transfer -- soaking and taking apart color polaroid, then applying the slimy separated image layer to ordinary paper. Cool.

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