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Friday, May 20, 2005
On the Prowl
Every now and then I set off on a quest to find the source of my WI-FI, driving around with the laptop in the front seat, searching, searching for signal strength. It seems to have something to do with the train line, but still haven't found the source, since it flits in and out.

Has been very iffy lately from my house, regardless of where on the bed I sit, so am at the library now with the lovely solid green bars of 11 mbps noise-free glory. Forgot to bring the power cord, so figure the battery will give out just about the time my parking does. Libraries should allow coffee, however.

A word to those with wireless networks out there: turn on security! I'd say 90 percent of the hot spots I found in my prowls, especially those with cute names like "geeks r us" or "32c" or "spiders lair" or whatever, were wide open to the breezes and any hacker who happens along like me in their car. I apologize if I trespassed on any of you, but I'm set up to connect automatically to the strongest signal out there, and it may have been you.

So, with strong signal in hand and limited time on the meter, will leave you now and start downloading porn a promised art project at toegristle. I just love the name of that site.

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