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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Favorite Painting
In honor of The Guardian's challenge to the UK art viewing public to decide their favorite British painting, Tyler Green at MAN is collecting links to bloggers writing about their favorite American paintings.

While I've often been accused of never meeting a painting I didn't like (or at least couldn't learn from in some way), my current favorite American painter remains Milton Avery (I've written about him before), and my favorite painting is this, Advancing Sea (1953):

The gray mouth of the wave, so matte and dense, sucks you in with its awesome, frightening, uncaring, laughing power. When the Avery show was up in Milwaukee, I kept returning to this painting because I couldn't believe my eyes. It's so exciting when you find a painting like this, especially one you'd never seen before and that isn't (like a Pollack or a Hans Hoffman, say) part of the collective art consciousness.

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