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Friday, May 20, 2005
On AutoBlog
If only it were true....


I keep trying to click on the How to Buy button but nothing happens!

This is just one entry among hundreds (well... only a few are worth looking at, to be honest) at the Contagious Media Showdown. Change My Race is pretty good too, simple and direct. And you must try the Bush Borg. Good idea, so-so execution.

Good evening, folks. Have been enjoying an evening of Couch Computing, since the WI-FI seems to be ok again from this location at this time of day. Would have thought the airwaves would be clogged with the lovelorn signals of dateless geeks (not like me of course) but apparently not.

Ended my prowling this afternoon at the Wilmette Public Library, which, unlike the Republican DuPage County Naperville "public" library, does not require fingerprints to access their computers (as always, thanks Infinite Stitch). They have installed fabulous WI-FI on the 802.11g band that goes up to 54 Mbps. Yes! You can actually go that fast! Fingerprint-less! For free! Almost makes you want to buy a house near the library, but I checked. Signal leakage didn't stretch very far.

So enough geek talk. Should have gone out arting tonight, but went out last night in support of friend Joe Taylor -- it looked great. Had never seen his paintings before. Don't know whether I got any good pix -- camera's still in the car, I'm afraid. Will shake the pixels out tomorrow.

If not, and if you sense the blogging has become a bit robotic, it will be because I've figured out how to install the autoblogger.

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