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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
While You Weren't Looking
National Guard Hands Over More Bush Papers
The files, released to The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, are orders for Bush to appear for two stints of active-duty training: a 1971 exercise in Canada and eight days of duty in July 1973.

The records released Tuesday are the fifth set of documents related to Bush's Vietnam-era National Guard service to be released in response to the AP lawsuit. The federal judge overseeing that case ordered the Pentagon to disclose all of Bush's records by Sept. 24. Tuesday's four pages of records were the second set of files released after that deadline.
Released and buried under piles of bullshit and spin from the latest wallowing. And once again, no one seems to believe in judge's orders. The arrogance of it all. Has the judge slapped them down at all?

8 days of duty? So he missed even more than we thought?

I am feigning outrage here. I really don't care what lies he told about stuff that's 30 years old. I care a whole bunch more about the lies he's told during the past 4 years.

And the ones Cheney has been telling tonight.

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