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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
View From the River
She's been blogging only lightly for the last few months so I often forget to check in, but Riverbend has a new posting.

Samarra Burning
It's like a nightmare within a nightmare, seeing the corpses pile up and watching people drag their loved ones from under the bricks and steel of what was once a home.

To top it off, we have to watch American military spokespersons and our new Iraqi politicians justify the attacks and talk about 'insurgents' and 'terrorists' like they actually believe what they are saying... like hundreds of civilians aren't being massacred on a daily basis by the worlds most advanced military technology.
It sounds like no one over there believes anything that they are told. They are are seeing plots everywhere and are not sure they believe in the existance of Zarqawi.
A week ago, four men were caught by Iraqi security in the area of A'adhamiya in Baghdad. No one covered this on television or on the internet, as far as I know- we heard it from a friend involved in the whole thing. The four men were caught trying to set up some explosives in a residential area by some of the residents themselves. One of the four men got away, one of them was killed on the spot and two were detained and interrogated. They turned out to be a part of Badir's Brigade (Faylaq Badir), the militia belonging to the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Should the culprits never have been caught, and should the explosives have gone off, would Zarqawi have been blamed? Of course.
I'm sure she's going to be utterly delighted to know that Lynn Cheney's awful "Independent" Women's Forum is coming to help.
10/5/2004 - Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), was one of the recipients awarded part of a $10 million grant to train Iraqi women in the skills of democratic public life. IWF's website states that their mission is to counter "the dangerous influence of radical feminism in the courts” and to combat "corrosive feminist ideology on campus." It was "established to combat the women-as-victims, pro-big-government ideology of radical feminism."
(via Feminist Majority)

Cheez! Just what Iraqi women need -- the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Republican Party. Will they teach them how to hold fundraising teas? Or mother-daughter luncheons?

Nighty night everyone.

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