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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Political Dairy, er, Diary
Chicago Tribune | Some steamed by Oberweis chairman's ads:
U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis' hard-line campaign rhetoric on illegal immigration lost Donna Stenitzer's vote--and her business.
Now out of the race after finishing second in the Republican primary, Oberweis and dairy executives are facing the emerging repercussions of his campaign pitches, which mixed his political identity with his family's dairy and ice cream-parlor business.
"Mr. Oberweis is not an employee here, nor does he play an active role in the operation of the dairy," said the letter from the dairy's chief executive, Bob Renaut.

"Mr. Oberweis and his campaign are not associated with the dairy," he said.

Stenitzer was not convinced by the argument.

'I thought that disingenuous at best,' she said. 'His campaign logo has an ice cream cone in it.'"

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