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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Hell Dips Briefly to Freezing Point
The Dixie Chicks have returned from their long exile. "Sin Wagon" was the last tune on "American Idol" last night on Fox.

And then there's this: George W. Who? Congressional Candidates Avoid Presidential Contenders
Waving President Bush’s name is also unlikely to boost some of the more moderate Republicans in states like Connecticut, New Jersey and California, election observers told Foxnews.com.
The rest of the article pretty much bashes the Democrats in the usual manner -- I didn't know it was possible to use the word "liberal" 10 times (I counted) in one article, sometimes twice in one paragraph -- and even when not bashing, manages to bash:
“There is no doubt that [Kerry] is more liberal than the average Southern Democrat, but there are many Democrats who want that White House back,” said Tony Center, a Democrat from Savannah, Ga., who is competing in the primary to challenge Republican Rep. Max Burns in the state's 12th Congressional District.

“George Bush has divided this country,” Center said. “I know in Georgia, the grassroots Democrats are running around like a kicked-over ant bed.”
You keep using a word often enough, it ceases to inflame. I mean, who the **** cares about most of the 4 letter words out there except Michael Powell?

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