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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Naked People
Thought I'd get your attention. Drawing below not naked, but I liked it, and may try to do a print of it later. Anyone who does any figure drawing knows that the best work is always done on the shittiest paper in non-archival materials. This is a quick-pose in craypas (the kids version, 2.99 on sale) on newsprint, so may last in non-digital form for about another 3 months before disintegrating. If you check back later I may tuck some naked people away under a link at the side that you must be 18 or older to click or else John Ashcroft and I will spank you. And Michael Powell will fine you $500,000, to be paid to the RNC immediately.

Have been prowling the internet in a sort of victory march this am, since it seems like there's nothing but bad news wherever Bush might turn, not that he'd ever read a newspaper or anything. In particular have been searching in the Southern binary universe for attempts at defending the administration and have come up with nothing yet, just the same feeble attacks they've been spewing since Sunday, but will keep looking. Perhaps they haven't yet been ordered what to say.

Did find one interesting tendency, which is for a lot of small-town/city papers to use the same newspaper software, so that it's nearly impossible to get a flavor of what the town is like, other than it must be very bland. Traffic accidents and mayors honoring people seems to be about it, except for the classified section, oh yes, this is where the money is. ("PowerOne Media serves over 1,600 newspapers, representing nearly 50% of the daily and weekly U.S. circulation.")

This seems to me to be yet another form of media consolidation, though perhaps not governed in any way by FCC regulations, since these newspapers seem to have different owners (haven't thoroughly searched yet). Will check the campaign contribution lists to see if there are any interesting trends.

Now that no one in the world believes what the US might say about any matter whatsoever, the Rovians are reaping well-deserved disdain for not speaking out against Israel's policies against the Palestinians which resulted in the assassination of the Hamas leader this weekend, regardless of whether they knew about it in advance, or even shared military info with the planners. This is a truly horrific event, and these tactics must not be allowed to stand. I cannot believe that this action was supported by the majority of Israeli people. But they, too, are a democracy, and must let the election booth speak for them too.

Will post this, since I know you are all getting antsy. It has been suggested that I should remind everyone that everything I post on this site belongs to me, is copyright by me, and I know several good lawyers who can explain it all a lot better. So I better not see any of this stuff up on eBay, or else.

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