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Sunday, March 21, 2004
Felt Like Rolling Over and Smoking a Cigarette
Wasn't it grand? Clarke's book is going fly off the shelves, and I hope he's scheduled for talk shows for the next 6 months. Steven Hadley looked so uncomfortable and trapped, it was just yummy. Again, pity they couldn't have grilled the government a year ago... and regularly ever since Bush took office.

If anyone is unclear what I'm talking about, it's the interview with Richard Clarke, former security chief, who was interviewed on 60 Minutes tonight and took some pretty tough swings at Bush and the rest of the Rovians. Reuters tells some, though I couldn't find the detailed rebuttal advertised:

White House Rebuts Former Official's 9/11 Criticism

It will be interesting to see what his testimony is this week. Oh, please, let it be live!

For those of you tracking progress in your logbooks, I've been knitting away this evening, and am just about at the last of the increases on the arm, then a few more inches, then start decreases. Think the sleeve is going to be a little puffy, but it will be big enough to wear over something, which is what a cardigan should do.

And for the Obama fans: have you noticed that no one seems to have taken down their signs yet? Drove up along Sheridan Road, north to Highland Park (aiming for Suburban Fine Arts Center and digital printmaking show -- more later), and saw tons of Obama signs even along Republican Row. Only one Jack Ryan sign, though I know I'd seen a fair number on my last sweep. This is a good omen, I think. Also, my yard sign is still up, and never got kicked down even once this election -- someone usually steals my signs or tramples them to death. Also good!

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