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Sunday, March 21, 2004
From Yesterday
At the park now, on battery. No WiFi around to distract. A lot of glare on the screen, so hard to see what I'm typing. Perhaps if I took my sunglasses off it would help. Perhaps.

People everywhere, many of them speaking Polish or Russian, and teen girls walking with arms linked, wearing little shorty jackets, and whispering in confidence, as though we were in Europe. And people in the sun pretending to read, Conde Nast Traveller on lap, eyes looking into the distance. Perhaps if spring comes it won't be necessary to go to Bali this year.

First outing with the computer to a non-backyard site. Found a bench with back to wind, which is coming from the north. Feel like a wuss for writing. Should be painting, but is very windy and little that's paintable at the moment. Words continue to intrigue, and my new mate still satisfies me. Laptop acting as a real laptop should -- keeping me warm.

Remember that last year right after war started, I set up to paint near the Coast Guard station, with NO IRAQ WAR buttons pinned to my goofy painting hat. A big ole SUV came by and stopped suddenly, then got on the cell phone. I think they thought I was setting up a bazooka and was going to take out the harbormaster, but it was just my inoffensive Jullian easel. A patrol car came by a short time later. Luckily it was clear that I was merely painting something non-classified, like geese on the ice, else I'd be enjoying Cuba now.

And now I'm doing my "sitting in the sun" thing, laptop on my lap, eyes gazing past, out at the whitecaps on the lake. Hard wind coming from the north, pushing the water along. Hadn't thought about things like sand and leaves blowing into this thing. Will have to rethink the whole bringing it to the beach idea.

If I painted something, possibly would be cars. Like the way they appear to be nursing at the edge of the beach, diagonals against the horizontal of water and sky, and verticals of bare tree trunks. Boring grayish, tannish parking-lot colored beasts.

Will try to draw. And here it is, first of season:


Perhaps the resolution could be a little sharper, but then the download time would be longer. If you can't read it, it says "pinkish shadows" near the top, because that's what I saw. It's a drawing in pen of a tree with lots of knots and rough bark and twisted branches. If I get complaints, will upload a slightly larger, clearer image.

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