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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Later (Actually, Not Much)
Just had to dive back in: I find it so utterly crass and disgusting that Bush chose today, of all days, to do his "official" campaign kickoff in, of all states, Florida, just to rub it in. If the DNC lets him get away with this one, they're a bunch of sorry puppies. In utter gall it's just like when he decided to use images of 9/11 in his campaign ads. Will he be showing images of bloody and innocent Iraqi citizens in the new "beloved war president" ads? This really bothers me. I may just have to start writing some letters and digging up some dollars.

Of course, when I say "he" I don't mean Bush, exactly, but the entire Rovian Empire, since "he" is not actually a person but an image projected on a fleshy backdrop.

That's all. I'll go away for awhile.

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