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Friday, March 19, 2004
Just finished the Right Front of the sweater and had to tell everyone. Also, in case you didn't notice, added a whole bunch of links to Chicago galleries (though one, Street Level, is north, in Highwood, but is really a Chicago gallery misplaced in the suburbs). From what I can tell, Ingrid Fassbender (late of Fassbender Stevens) is no longer operating at a gallery location but has a link to herself as a private dealer. If anyone knows the story, please let me know.

They're not in any particular order except River North-ish and West Loop Gate-ish grouped, with favorites towards the top. Printworks, gescheidle, Peter Miller, and Bodybuilder & Sportsman are consistently ones I like.

I couldn't find web sites for a few, notably Sonia Zaks, who in the past has had interesting work. I'm not a photography person, so Flatfile is the only one listed (they have other stuff too), nor am I an object/sculpture/glass person, or into Outsider Art, overly much.

I do enjoy a good installation, however, so I'll add to this list with some of the less commercial galleries, apartment shows, and exhibition spaces as I emerge from my winter cocoon and start prowling. I hadn't actually looked at a lengthy Reader listing in any detail in awhile, and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of names I didn't recognize. Something to look forward to! As well as a trip up to Milwaukee soon.

And we're moving into MFA and BFA show season, too. Exhausting! I hope undergrads have gotten over doing stuff with Barbie dolls this year... I'm pretty sick of it.

Then there's Navy Pier on Mother's Day (unless they moved the date and location, and if they did I frankly don't care). Was pretty useless last year, timid and boring and repetitive. Don't think I even took notes, and may not go this year unless someone drags me.

To bed. Supposed to be nice tomorrow, then cold again. Will start the final sleeve and bore you all with my progress, as usual.

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