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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Read All Over
Am about halfway thru Clarke's testimony transcript. It is riveting. I don't have cable tv so didn't catch it this afternoon, but here's a sample, and now I must turn the page and see what happens next....

Text: Public Testimony Before 9/11 Panel:
So let me say here as I am under oath, that I will not accept any position in the Kerry administration, should there be one -- on the record, under oath. Now, as to your accusation that there is a difference between what I said to this commission in 15 hours of testimony and what I am saying in my book and what media outlets are asking me to comment on, I think there's a very good reason for that. In the 15 hours of testimony, no one asked me what I thought about the president's invasion of Iraq. And the reason I am strident in my criticism of the president of the United States is because by invading Iraq -- something I was not asked about by the commission, it's something I chose write about a lot in the book -- by invading Iraq the president of the United States has greatly undermined the war on terrorism.
And in the 20 pages or so I've read so far, there's been no mention of the word "Iraq" either.

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