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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Screaming Headline
Not The Onion:
NEA's Chief Lobbyist a Goldwater Republican (CNSNews.com) - As the chief lobbyist for the National Education Association, Randall Moody says people are sometimes surprised to learn he's a lifelong Republican whose first political idol was conservative icon Barry Goldwater.
Yes, I'm continuing to slink around in the slime at the bottom of the pond, but laughing. Apparently this site is for real.

Only a few more rows to do on the sweater sleeve, then just the collar and sewing it all together. I have now guaranteed that we will have a very hot spring and summer, and possibly fall and winter, too, since this thing weighs nearly 2 pounds and will make me look like a big blue sheep.

But what will she knit next, they ask? Hmmm.....

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