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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Not, Apparently, School of Art Institute of Chicago
Report rips SAIC over Iraq contracts

We were all so focused on the 9/11 testimony, we might have missed this one:
For example, the report said SAIC's media program manager sought to purchase a Hummer H2 and a Ford C-350 pickup for his use on the contract and he chartered a DC-10 cargo jet to fly the vehicles to Iraq.

When a defense acquisition specialist refused to allow these items to be added to the contract, the manager "went around the authority of this acquisition specialist" to a high-level Pentagon office and gained approval, the report said.

Contracting officers were unable to pinpoint the exact cost of the airlifted vehicles, although one invoice titled "Office and Vehicle" totaled roughly $381,000.
Could have quoted the entire article, it's so juicy. Author (Bruce Bigelow) notes entire report can be found on the inspector general's web site here:

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