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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Bu...bu... but...
I thought we didn't start destroying the place until late March? I wonder how they knew Saddam wouldn't give up his WMD? Maybe because they knew he didn't have them? Hmmm... Check out this 68 page audit report for some fascinating items (this may be the report referred to in my blogling below, released and buried March 18, 2004). First, to refresh our rapidly-fading memories:
In October 2002 a senior interagency team was convened to assess the conditions in Iraq and to define sector-by-sector relief and reconstruction plans. The team included representatives from several agencies and Departments including the DoD, the National Security Council, and the Office of Management and Budget. The team developed plans for immediate relief operations and long-term reconstruction in 10 different areas: health, education, water and sanitation, electricity, shelter, transportation, governance, agriculture and rural development, telecommunications, and economic and
financial policy....
On January 20, 2003, President George W. Bush signed National Security Directive 24, that gave DoD responsibility for post-war control of Iraq and established the ORHA.
Because of the inappropriate contracting actions identified there is a need to perform a detailed review of the contract files and actions and determine if any administrative action is warranted. We request that Commander, Defense Contracting Command-Washington, reconsider his position and provide additional comments to the final report by May 20, 2004.
Mark your calendars for the followup, kids.
Link to report here

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