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Saturday, July 04, 2009
"Oh, Look!" Said Daniel Biss...

... it's a mayor on a bike!"

And so it was. Arrival shot missing, unfortunately, but Evanston's new mayor, Elizabeth Tisdahl, hung around for quite awhile before heading off to official parade functions. She was amused that she was expected to give a speech in the middle of all of it.

Just back from the annual DPOE picnic/massing of the troops/gossip fest/fantasy politico league meet-up.

Pretty good turnout, considering no one knows who's running for what office at the moment, other than the rock-steady Julie Hamos, who we'll miss terribly when she becomes our next Attorney General, (assuming Lisa Madigan moves on, and 25 other factors fall into place correctly).

Since about 20 people have declared to run for Julie's State Rep seat, I couldn't get pix of them all. Just Jeff Smith, who's been around progressive politics for a long time, and was the only person I could find who could tell me who had taken Tisdahl's seat when she moved up (Jane Grover, apparently), and that she quilts and keeps a very low profile.

Daniel Biss is now working for Pat Quinn, and isn't sure whether he'll try again to unseat Coulson, and also is currently president of the DPOE.

And would probably remind you to give, give until it hurts, since hot dogs don't come cheap.

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