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Thursday, June 11, 2009
I Want One

Can't get it at Pet Smart, tho:

The "snake" appeared to be about 6 feet long. Covered by fabric in military camouflage colors, it slithered along the ground and climbed rocks, its segments connected with joints that flexed in several different directions. Channel 2 said military researchers studied real snakes to copy their movements.
Good afternoon, friends. Haven't written in awhile since it's taken me a week to recover from last weekend, plus I've got caught up in the game Everlong again, making the mistake of starting again from the beginning since I couldn't remember what I'd been doing when I played last time. One of the best (if not THE best) old-school RPG free games out there -- and a superlative way to waste frustrating DAYS and DAYS of time.

As to my own "everlong" game (alas, no robotic snake in mine), I will work on it again, I really really will -- and I'm not waiting for the full body animation software/hardware to solve my problems, either. Am at a point in the story line where I have to do a whole bunch to just reach a pausing point so I can release it. Please be patient. I know the one-year anniversary of the last release is rapidly approaching, but Everlong doesn't play itself, you know.

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