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Sunday, May 03, 2009
Working on the edition of 15 for the PrintZero exchange -- doing a fairly complex print -- relief background with stencil overprinted with stone litho and a little plastic drypoint plate.

Knew, of course, I should have printed more backgrounds while I had the color already mixed. On the whole, the litho printing went well -- only one upside down image, one odd one where I must have stopped the press before the entire image was printed, two with odd smudges of the wrong color, and one with clumpy ink filled with fibers so that the ink stuck to the paper and then pulled the paper away.

Realize now I probably should have done the intaglio first, but I knew the litho would be faster, and I hoped I could get all done with it today.


Would still be in the print studio except on Sundays they kick you out early.

So will drink some wine, and start again tomorrow.

Tear paper. Match ink. Make background. Let it dry. Open stone. Print stone. Ink plate. Print plate.

Rinse and repeat...

God, hope not.

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