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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Southern Graphics Council Meeting Set to Begin
As a prelim, download the Bad at Sports preview and interview with various people here.

Have been basically offline this past week as a volunteer for the SGC or preparing the exchange portfolio for it (DONE DONE DONE!!! Signed and freshly glassined this afternoon).

Will be spending a hefty amount of time at this thing, so if you see me (real name is Cynthia King, if you hadn't figured it out by now), say hi.

Will try to twitter a bit from the conference, but am sure that with 1,500 people registered, others will do a better job on their 3G iPhones etc. Yes, City of Chicago -- this is the pre-registration count -- art packs them in. Venues run from Evanston (where we have a big show called "Handmade" covering 2 floors at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center -- 30 something artists, 60 something prints -- show is up and is gorgeous) all the way to Pilsen and out to DeKalb, plus everywhere in the middle.

Am so excited to see all this stuff -- almost all of the exhibits are free to outsiders, and many are up now and will be for at least a few weeks more.

If you don't know what contemporary printmaking is all about, you must must must check out some of these shows.

Good place to start is at the Columbia College/Southern Graphics Council website.

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