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Thursday, March 05, 2009
Gnomish Hills

This is the village (black & white version) of Gnomish Hills from my game, Darkdevil County. It was actually one of the first sections I programmed (about 8 months ago now, YIKES), but was never satisfied with it. I compressed the mountain and foreground areas substantially (since there wasn't a whole lot going on, and moved the house with the bush in closer as well. Still probably too wide, since when my character appears against this background she's quite small (tho still too tall to actually fit thru the doors -- we just have to pretend that there's a shrink pad on each sidewalk).

Just thought I'd show you I haven't been a complete slacker this past week while I watch my savings and retirement funds disappear. The good thing is that the expenses for last month on the credit card were 3.72 -- only because I really really needed a Starbucks and a scone and left the house with no money. We'll have to remedy that.

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