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Saturday, February 07, 2009
A Gift Day
How often do you get a February thaw day (was above 60 degrees in the sun) that lands on a Saturday? Ran around doing errands, including fixing a broken pane of glass. I did a shitty job of it, but is far, far better than it had been (duct tape over torn cardboard and a piece of bubble wrap to keep out the arctic chill). I can now see out and others can see in (gulp...).

Out to Gillson Park, where I always feel serene and not insane. A lot of people there staring into nothingness, letting the sun bake down on their faces, saying nothing. People not even greeting each other, too busy absorbing sun and creating Vitamin D. Those who'd had enough, standing on the dunes and icy tundra and the edge of Lake Michigan, looking stunned and sluggish, staring outward, rather than winter-inward.

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