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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Left the house for a pleasure walk (and to pay up at the library) along the business district near me -- temperatures soaring above freezing and sunny skies the culprit. Also brought out the largest crowds I've seen out on a Saturday in awhile -- drawn, in part, by desperate price slashing by the local merchants.

Even Foodstuffs, whose stuff beyond the occasional brownie I've never been able to afford, even BB (Before Bush), has huge sign screaming about lower prices.

This is the last 3 weeks of Mindscape, however -- it's been around for more than 30 years. It always had high-end jewelry and art-clothes and glass stuff. They're selling everything, displays and anything they can kick out the door. I always enjoyed going in and talking to the owner. "No more money left to lose," was what he told me. Catch the incredible sales at the store on Central Street in Evanston.

This is the last weekend at the Figurative Art League in the Noyes Cultural Arts Center (the website is already gone) -- they're also selling everything -- easels, drawing boards, anonymous paintings and drawings that had been stuffed in corners and drawers, art materials and magazines, tons of fabrics and carpets and still-life items that had been collected over the past 30 years. 11-4 today, and tomorrow (Sunday), with a final farewell party on Sunday. Where else can you get a chair for 3 bucks?

Finally, noticed that the Tucker Gallery is now shuttered, with a notice that it's being replaced by the Gavin Boutique. Is sad to see an art gallery close, even if I didn't really care for the stuff they showed. The space was beautiful, however, and I'm sure closing down means a lot of heartache for the artists concerned. Is so hard to get yourself into a gallery to begin with, so having it fold underneath you must be awful.

This is not good. This is sad, even though it's sunny out.

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