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Thursday, January 29, 2009
Aldo Crommelynck, Master Printer, 1931-2008
And how a master. His was the hand and guidance behind many of the iconic works on paper of the past 50 years:

Aldo Crommelynck, a Printmaker for Artists Including Picasso, Dies at 77
He was also game. For Chuck Close’s “Spitbite” etchings, Mr. Crommelynck, a chain smoker, contributed his own saliva to the acid mixture used to incise the image on the plate.

“I think it was all those Gauloise cigarettes Aldo smoked,” Mr. Close told the curator Terry Sultan in 1988. “My spit never seemed to work as well.”
The slideshow that goes with this obit is brief but gives you non-printmakers an idea of what a fabulous print looks like. And for the printmakers, one more reason to resign yourself to how talentless you are.

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