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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
No! NO! Freshpaint Isn't Ending!
Several people saw the title of my last blogging and worried that it was a Freshpaint signoff. NOT! I may be twittering and livejournalling and facebooking and AGS foruming and whatnot a lot these days, but I'm still here, and will continue to be.

Will be celebrating the 5th anniversary at the end of the month, after all. And I want to see if spring will ever come this year, and post the first sign of it.

Have been working feverishly (for a change) on a new room for Darkdevil County, this one a burrow with another damaged robot in it. The plot is evolving in new directions, and I'm just flowing with it.

I know I said last August or September that I'd be posting a new version of the game "soon," and I apologize. Hideously cold weather and nothing to watch on TV have been good for game development, however, as has a computer that actually works.

So, once again, I predict I'll be posting more "soon."

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